Our top priority

Keeping your kids and
our planet safe

Decisions, decisions, decisions. That's the life of a parent. As parents ourselves, we get it -- and we want to make room on your plate. That's why Sprouted diapers do childcare a little differently; we offer high-quality products that are eco-friendly and made from natural materials. No chemicals. No dyes. Ready for bb to go au natural.

What's in Sprouted diapers?

Short answer: only the good stuff. Long answer: TCF (totally chlorine free) wood pulp from sustainably managed forests, super absorbent polymer (SAP) that make our top sheet able to retain high amounts of liquids and soft solids, polypropylene, polyester and polypropylene fibers and film for guaranteed softness and liquid security and polyurethane for a stretchy, secure fit. That's it.

What makes Sprouted diapers

Our shipping boxes are made with 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

Our diapers are from responsibly harvested FSC wood pulp, a truly renewable and sustainable resource.

Our commitment to finding eco-friendly ways to exist: we're working with composting centers around the US to give you disposal alternatives vs. the traditional landfill.

Above and beyond

Sprouted has gone above and beyond to ensure that every diaper lives up to the highest standards of safety, effectiveness and integrity. We seek out ingredients that are durable and natural, and sourced sustainably. Our diapers go through rigorous testing and certification before they hit the market, so what arrives on your door step is a diaper that keeps your baby (and the Earth) clean and healthier. As a busy parent, you deserve nothing less.


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