Care for all begins is at our core

Diapers that make the world a better place.


Nothing but natural

From ingredients to company ethos, every parent deserves to know what goes on behind the scenes of the products their kids are using. At Sprouted, we go one step further -- we pledge full transparency from our process to ingredient list. Buying our diapers should give you peace of mind, not stress or pause. Chemicals? Dyes? Unethical processes? Nope. Not with us.


A new world for diapers

Plant-based buds
If our diapers could be BFFs with plants, they would be. Because we’re Certified Vegan and made from natural plant-based materials, Sprouted products promote a future where we honor Mother Nature and take care of our babies. Sustainable materials = a sustainable future.

A diaper created by parents
Does a perfect diaper really exist? We sure think so. Designed by diaper experts with the help of parents who want to do good for the Earth while being able to take care of their little ones, Sprouted’s high-tech design, natural ingredient list, and premium quality make us a cut above the rest.

Dependable, from diaper to doorstep
As a parent, you’re juggling a lot, and diaper worries shouldn’t be something on your to-do list. That’s why we offer customer support where you can ask us anything and a subscription service that ensures a box of diapers are always there when you need them.



Sprouted is a family

We’re mothers, fathers, caregivers. We exist because we want to give our kids a healthy and happy upbringing and do good by the world. But eco-friendly isn’t just a state of mind; it’s a practice. Read about why our founder launched our plant-based diaper initiative and what prompted her to bring Sprouted to life.



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