Our carbon footprint mission

Walk the walk and reduce our carbon

The world needs us. From carbon reduction to recycled waste, we all need to do our part to protect the Earth. At Sprouted, we intentionally make our products with the planet in mind; everything is intentional and created with care. Be part of a community focused on creating a healthier planet for kids and humankind.

Join us, and our dedicated community of parents around the globe, to create a healthier planet for our children.

100% Post-consumer
recycled shipping boxes

Reduce, reuse, recycled materials! The Sprouted boxes that show up on your doorstep are made of 100% of recycled materials and can be repurposed in a number of creative ways. Check out this list for options. Homemade fort, anyone?

A biodegradable future

7.6 billion pounds. That's how much annual industrial waste the US is responsible for when it comes to landfills. We’re on a mission to change that, one eco-friendly diaper at a time. Currently, Sprouted diapers are 40% biodegradable. Some day soon, we’ll be at 100%. To get there, we're digging into industrial research, partnering with composting and recycling facilities, and finding ways to amplify our eco-conscious efforts. The way we see it: the more we do now, the better the future is our all of our children.

Share your voice

We are here for you.

As a company founded on the belief that Earth is a sacred community, consider us a sounding board for your ideas and feedback. To accomplish our goals, we need your voice as part of our company's fabric. Our team is ready to be your team, so if you have a question, comment, or just need some support, please reach out to our customer care team at support@sprouted.com. We're here for you.


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